VU’s Strategy for 2020-2025 explained 

What course will Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam take in the coming years?

Where does VU stand? And, perhaps even more importantly, what does VU stand for? We provide answers to these questions in the VU Amsterdam Strategy for 2020-2025. In this strategic plan, we make choices based on our history, our identity and the values that underpin every aspect of our work. These choices shed light on how we relate to everyone and everything around us.

In our strategy for 2020-2025, we distinguish three priority areas: sustainable, enterprising and diverse. In addition, we focus on nine aspirations for education, research, knowledge transfer and business operations. We also link our research to society through four profile themes: Human Health and Life Sciences, Connected World, Governance for Society, and Science for Sustainability.

For the implementation of the strategy, a strategy team has been set up, which works together with project leaders and numerous employees to achieve our strategic objectives. You will find an overview of these project leaders below.

The first year of implementation is now coming to an end. In this VU Strategy Times, we provide an overview of the many steps we have taken and the results we have achieved. Please watch the video for a graphic representation of the aspirations, priority areas and themes mentioned above.

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Priority areas and aspirations



Erik Boer



Ivar Maas


Ruard Ganzevoort

Nathalie Janssen

Research, Education and Knowledge Transfer

Future-proof forms of education


Erna Klein Ikkink

Life Long Development


Brendy Boogaard

Profile themes, Focus and Position


Peter Beek

Academic reputation


Richard de Waard




Cécile Willems

Social campus


Stefan Titus

Recognize and reward


Marjolein Vloothuis

Effective and agile


Bart van Leijen

Nynke Rodenhuis