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Dream Teams

Dream Teams

A team of enthusiastic people. Bachelor’s and Master’s students from different faculties. They exchange their knowledge and expertise in order to go the extra mile. Independent, self-directed, with the team’s learning experience at the heart of it all. We are talking about the VU Amsterdam Dream Teams. In the coming months, new Dream Teams will set to work and face social challenges head-on, enlisting help from external parties and finding solutions that can change the world.

Piek Vossen
“Maybe I'll build my own robot at the same time...”

Piek Vossen Dream Team EMPATHIC ROBOTS

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Birgit Kaman
“PULSE has given me insight into what is possible with my Movement Sciences degree.”

Birgit Kaman Dream Team PULSE wins at Cybathlon 2020!

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fist-raised Missions

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A mission for each profile theme

VU Amsterdam has four fantastic profile themes: Governance for Society, Human Health and Life Sciences, Connected World, and Science for Sustainability. The themes are closely linked to the identity of VU Amsterdam and refer to the social domains to which the university wants to contribute through education, research and knowledge transfer.

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