“Our strategy is alive and dynamic.”

Prof. dr. Mirjam van Praag

Executive Board president


I would like to present this VU Strategy Times on behalf of the Executive Board. It includes a selection from all the extraordinary initiatives we have launched together in recent months to implement our Strategy 2020–2025.

It is not without pride that I write this. The coronavirus hit and it affected all of us, both professionally and personally. Especially in times of forced physical distancing, it is important to stay connected. The way in which we have adapted and come together in order to not only continue education and research, but also to secure our future, is inspiring to me. It shows the commitment and resilience of our VU community. Our mission is more relevant than ever. We take responsibility for people and the planet through scientific and value-driven education, research and knowledge transfer. We help students and professionals develop expertise and ‘A Broader Mind’. Our research is groundbreaking, both within and between disciplines. Our students and staff are free thinkers who give thought to diversity, meaning and humanity in relation to one another and to society. That is what Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam stands for. And I can tell you, we are on course to realize the ambitions of our Strategy 2020–2025. The many excellent results and contributions from colleagues in this digital publication show that our strategy is not just words on a page. Our strategy is alive and dynamic. It gives direction to what we do and don’t do, even in challenging times like these. That inspires confidence, in a more sustainable, enterprising and diverse future for VU. My thanks and appreciation go out to all of you. Together we make this possible. Together we make VU. Sincerely, On behalf of the Executive Board, Mirjam van Praag