Man en vrouw staan bij een muur vol roze en gele post-it velletjes

Effective and agile

With the strategic ambition 'Effective and agile', we are developing a decisive and dynamic VU Amsterdam. The key to this is clear choices through rapid decision-making, an efficient way of working, short lines of communication, a well-supported mandate and clear ownership.

What does it take to be sufficiently effective and agile to achieve our strategic objectives and to respond adequately to the changes and developments in the world around us? Over the past few months, two advisors have started discussions with the Executive Board, the deans and the directors, in order to identify the factors that stand in the way of greater agility and to identify opportunities for addressing these. We are now applying these insights in various projects.

Groepje studenten met verschillende nationaliteiten zit bij elkaar aan tafel.
Man en vrouw staan bij een muur vol roze en gele post-it velletjes

For example, we are starting a project to critically examine our meetings circuit and the associated agenda and decision-making processes. Are we perhaps talking about the same topics at too many tables? Can we organize meetings more efficiently, for example through better preparation? Are there unnecessarily complex processes and procedures that can be simplified? Can we manage with fewer procedures? A third project focuses on the effectiveness and decisiveness of our most important teams: see our feedback in the email about the correct way of writing faculty boards, management teams of the support services and the Executive Board. After all, these are the colleagues who will ultimately have to take the most important decisions and therefore have a major influence on the organization's effectiveness. Finally, we are exploring whether differences in scale and organization between faculties and support services are related to our decisiveness. What are the pros and cons of these differences and do we see any reason to explore the possibility of introducing some changes? Moving forward, deans, directors and policy staff will continue to work on these issues and projects.