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Flexible education in 2030

Flexible education in 2030

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user-graduate Flexible education in 2030

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Imagine: you as a student will be the central focus instead of the concrete learning outcomes of a study programme

You are responsible and enterprising and know where you want to be in a number of years. Together with your study coach, you translate your objectives into a personal learning programme. Using this as a guide, you develop yourself broadly and learn to see the added value of different perspectives. Your learning programme can then become a regular degree programme, or even a flexible programme. As your university community, we will actively challenge you regarding your personal development plan.

A Broader Mind for Students is part of the curriculum for all Bachelor’s programmes: an interview with Michiel van Drunen, Director of Education, Amsterdam University College.

“Academic education, not only in your own field, but also outside of it. Thinking beyond your own discipline, coming together with students and lecturers from other faculties and sharing ideas about solutions to social issues. And connecting with the world outside VU, in places where these social issues affect everyday life. That is A Broader Mind for Students. We’ve had an A Broader Mind Course and Community Service Learning at VU since 2019, but soon everyone, students and lecturers, will experience the power of A Broader Mind.”

“We are now looking at how the ABM4S objectives can be incorporated into the Bachelor's programmes through the learning outcomes. These objectives are about (1) being able to apply different perspectives to social and academic problems; (2) openness, and understanding of social and cultural diversity; (3) teamwork; and (4) reflecting on yourself as a student, scholar and citizen.”

“A working group was recently set up to examine, together with programme directors from all faculties, where these learning outcomes are already visible in study programmes and how these learning outcomes can be translated to the various education programmes.”

The A Broader Mind Course is a blended and multidisciplinary programme, developed by students for students. Students work in broadly-based teams from all faculties on eight contemporary social themes such as sustainability, poverty, rebellion and digitalization. The next A Broader Mind course starts in the second semester.

Teaching during a pandemic

In recent months, our VU teaching staff have demonstrated their creativity with unique methods of online teaching. Due to the pandemic, most of the classes have become digital, in various formats. When you’re not sitting together in a lecture hall, it’s not always easy to make and maintain good contact with students. And, how do you communicate the course material properly from behind a screen? Junior lecturers share their best tips in short videos on the VU website ‘Get an Idea’.

The current experiences of our teaching staff are valuable for the development of education for the future. Hybrid teaching methods, digital lectures and online seminars will become much more common in the future. We will be working ways that are much more place- and time-independent. Even if we are not required to teach online, we can choose the right mix of online and on-campus learning. This way, we will have a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills that we can fall back on.  

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