A campaign with impact

A campaign with impact

The new Corporate Communication Strategy aims to further streamline all communication from VU Amsterdam. With room for communication from the different organizational units and customization for a variety of target groups, each message carries an even clearer VU Amsterdam signature. In this way, we increase our impact. An example of this is the recently developed recruitment campaign. VU Amsterdam is recruiting prospective students with the slogan ‘Change your World’. Those are not just empty words. Studying at VU Amsterdam doesn’t just involve thinking; it also involves doing. It is about being engaged and making a tangible contribution to society. And this is happening. Many of our students are working on concepts, ideas and social enterprises that bring concrete benefits to society. The projects with which our students are changing the world are put on display in the new VU Concept Store. It is an online store with products that cost nothing, but deliver real contributions to society. In this way, we are bringing our ideas with impact into society, where they belong.

Hussein – Medicine Student

He came to the Netherlands as a refugee from Syria, and now Hussein is a fourth-year medical student. It’s quite an achievement, but the road to getting there wasn't easy. During his studies, he met Mohamed and Anas, who encountered the same obstacles along the way. Based on their own experiences, they set up Edu4U. The project helps fellow refugees navigate the Dutch education system and creates equal opportunities in higher education.

Carla - Master’s student in Business Administration

“I can't help you; please contact customer service". If you’ve ever talked to a chatbot, this sentence probably sounds familiar. And frustrating. Carla, a master's student in Business Administration (specialising in Digital Business & Innovation) researched in the ChatLab whether empathic language used by a chatbot can make a difference. And it turned out that expressions of empathy increase customer confidence in unsuccessful conversations.

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