“PPE at VU Amsterdam is more than a highly-talented academic factory. "

Lieven Decock

Dean of the John Stuart Mill College

Reflections From Dean Lieven Decock

The John Stuart Mill College (JSMC) was founded in 2016 with the ambition to position VU Amsterdam as a centre of excellent Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) research and education in Europe.

Within our PPE progamme, undergraduates learn to understand complex and important social problems by looking at them from different perspectives. We facilitate this by having students make use of the analytical tools of the three disciplines. In this way, PPE offers the necessary skills and knowledge for students to play a defining role in shaping the world of tomorrow.

From the start, we have distinguished ourselves through our focused nature, the inclusion of disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses, and our analytical profile.

The programme is suited for students who are interested in major societal questions, have an international outlook on life, and who have excellent grades (especially a high level in English and mathematics). However, PPE at VU Amsterdam is more than a highly-talented academic factory. The intensive education is combined with numerous extracurricular activities and a strong sense of (online) community. The JSMC has a special incubator fund with which two student initiatives have already been set up. Guest speakers, book clubs and podcasts are just some examples of the dynamic community culture at the college.

“In the meantime, the PPE Bachelor’s programme has already produced two cohorts of graduates who have gone in the many different directions the programme enables them to.”

Examples of graduate programmes our alumni have been accepted into are: Master Global Ethics and Human Values at King’s College London, MPhil Environmental Policy at the University of Cambridge, Master International Politics, KU Leuven Master in Global Development and Entrepreneurship at Ca’Foscari University of Venice and MPhil in Economics at Oxford University. Additionally, many PPE students continue to do a Master’s degree at our own university, or seek an internship or job directly after graduating. Please have a look at our Alumni Data to learn more.