PPE in Person: focusing on the people of PPE

Aissatou started her studies in September 2020 and became a member of the student-led initiative PPE in Person after the first semester. "I would say PPE in Person focuses on the people of PPE. Not on academics, not our career prospects, not all of the rigid stuff, but it centers around the questions: What are our values? What do we find important? Things that affect us, like racism and sexism. That’s just some examples of topics we organize events around. Our next event will be on responsibility." Read more

comments-alt PPE Encounters: getting to know speakers outside of academics

The JSMC encourages and appreciates student’s engagement in extracurricular activities and gives students the possibility to launch their own projects. We set aside a yearly budget for these projects which allows students to acquire the necessary tools to realise their ideas. One of the initiatives that has been founded by the PPE Incubator Fund is PPE Encounters. They recently started a podcast in which they engage in societal and political debates with other students or experts.

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KallioPPE: by and for the students

Nyoxani is the Internal Officer of PPE's study association KallioPPE. "Through committees, we give students the possibility to realize their own ideas. We give them a platform to set up events they want to make happen, but also create an opportunity to develop certain skills such as event management and advertising. It’s really worth joining a committee and it’s a great way to bond with your fellow students."

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comments-alt The PhD-perspective: a conversation with Junior Lecturer Akshath Jitendranath

"I don’t think our responsibility as researchers is to be interesting, or make the world a better place. Of course, if your work does achieve this, then that is great! But more relevant to our discussion here, I think that this is trying to find significance in the wrong place. It is with teaching, rather than research, that you really get to have the enormous societal significance — if that is the goal you have."

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